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Having worked out for years at home and at the health club, I was never able to get the results I desired: a healthy weight, defined arms, and slender, toned legs. At my initial consultation with Swen, I explained in detail my frustrations and the desire to train with someone who knew how to do everything the right way and to get this done. After attentively listening to me, Swen explained his program and simply and confidently said, "Trust me. I will get you there." So, I trusted Swen. And amazingly, Swen got me there! He got me to where I had never been before!!

I was continuously amazed with Swen's knowledge of nutrition and fitness throughout the entire time I trained with him. During each session, Swen analyzed my nutrition to assist in meeting my weekly goals and provided a customized workout that was never boring. I always felt like I was improving after each session. A huge incentive was being able to focus all my attention on pushing as hard as I could without the worry of an all-eyes-on-you setting. Swen takes seeing his clients transform and succeed very seriously. He is a non-intimidating, non-judgmental trainer who provided the personalized support and encouragement needed to assist me in achieving my fitness goals.

I now feel a great empowerment from being fit and healthy! It's priceless! This has been the BEST investment I have ever made! Period!

-Tina M. *

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"I needed help to reverse my weight gain and change my unhealthy lifestyle, in response to years of emotional eating as a means of coping with life's traumas, including the death of an infant daughter and most recently the death of my husband. Thankfully, I found Swen, who offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in nutrition and exercise. His unwavering support, steady calmness, and gentle toughness keep me going, especially through bad times when resurfacing memories pull me back into old eating habits. And most importantly, Swen has been the first person in my life to believe I am now an athlete, something I have aspired to be since acting the part of manager for my high school girls track team.

-Anita I. *

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"I will start tomorrow!" Tomorrow turned into the next day, that day turned into me saying again "I will start tomorrow." This was a common theme I would go through many times throughout most of my childhood and early adult years. I knew I was overweight. At my heaviest of 224lbs I just literally ran out of excuses for being overweight, and not doing anything about it. My "AHA" moment came in June. I asked myself "what had happened to me." From that day on I took control of my life and set goals for myself to get healthy.

I started working out three times a week, changed my eating habits and I saw the weight come off. Then I hit my plateau. I knew I had more weight to lose. But, as hard as I was working out the weight was just not coming off. I was determined not to give up on my goals. That is when I found Swen. The day I e-mailed Swen to inquire about a consultation it took me 20 minutes before I pushed the send button. This was the most exciting yet scariest day in my life.

When I met with Swen for the first time he made me feel very comfortable, I felt as if he already knew me. That was the day when I started my 8 month transformation. In my first month I could see the results. That inspired me even more not to give up on my goals. "If you have goals, you have time." A quote from a fitness magazine by a woman who had lost a significant amount of weight. This quote got me through the days where I just wanted to give up. Ultimately, Swen was my backbone. He pushed me mentally and physically. He knew that I had the determination to lose the weight. My weight loss has changed my life dramatically which has led me on my next journey of going back to school for Exercise Science. Losing weight is not easy. But, everyday was a new challenge that inspires me to keep striving toward new goals in my personal and professional life.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. But, there are not enough words in this world to explain how Swen has changed my life in seeing my after pictures. But there is just enough words from a song by One Republic that explains how I feel, "It's gonna be a good life!"

-Dayna A. *
Maple Grove, MN

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Jamie - Before Jamie - After Jamie - After

"I lost over 30 pounds and I feel great!"

-Jamie L. *
St. Louis Park, MN

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"After Swen helped me lose my baby weight, I realized my excitement for health and fitness. I decided to take my training to the next level and compete in a fitness competition. Swen continued to help me with my conditioning and my nutrition. I am so proud of what I have accomplished and I couldn't have done it without Swen. I will never forget this experience. Thank you Swen."

-Ilona M. *
Edina, Minnesota

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"I started working out with Swen a little over a year ago. In that time I have lost well over fifty pounds. My changes in eating and workout habits have become a part of my life. Swen's style of training is awesome and he always keeps me motivated and on track. Just look at the before and after......."

-Randall M. *

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Jennifer - Before Jennifer - After Jennifer - After

"I have been working with Swen for a little over a year, and have now lost over 100 pounds. While I am not quite at my goal weight, I know that I will be successful with Swen's help. After years of business travel, unhealthy eating and basically no workout routine, I decided it was time to make a change towards a healthy lifestyle. Swen's ever present support, encouragement and challenge have made all the difference in helping me get to where I am today."

-Jennifer W. *
Minneapolis, MN

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"I am in my sixties and never thought I could get back to my college weight and waist size. With Swen's help I reduced my waist from 37" to 30" and lost over 50 pounds. I have been able to keep the weight off for over a year."

-Pete H. *
Wayzata, MN

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Abby - Before Abby - After Abby - After

"I have been working with Swen for 1 and a half years, though many "ups and downs". When I first starting working with him in the fall of 2007, I saw results after only a few sessions. By March of 2008 I was the leanest I have been in my life. I spent the rest of 2008 pregnant with my first baby, and gained 80 pounds! As soon as I was able after my daughter was born, I was back in the studio with Swen to lose the baby weight. I especially appreciate Swen's flexibility; he understood that I didn't have time, nor did I want to commit to working out 8 times a week, and he worked with me to maximize my workout time and diet. I'm proud to say that by my daughter's first birthday I was back in my skinny jeans! Thanks for all the support, Swen."

-Abby J. *
Minneapolis, MN

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"I lost over 50 pounds working out with Swen in about 5 to 6 months. I have been able to maintain my results for several years. I was able to get my body fat down to 11 percent."

-Marty R. *
Shorewood, MN

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"I have lost over 50 pounds. I now look and feel better than I did even in high school."

-Amanda B. *
St. Paul

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Krista Before Picture Krista After Picture Krista After Picture

"Swen has been the best personal trainer I've had. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle."

-Krista *
Minneapolis, MN

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"Swen has helped me get into the best shape of my life. He has made working out something I look forward to and actually enjoy. Thanks Swen."

-Jay V. *
Shakopee, MN

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"I have been working with Swen for just over seven months and have now lost over 100 pounds. I am very excited about my results and look forward to reaching my final goal."

-Jenna E. *
Eden Prairie, MN

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"If you want to improve your figure, health and total well-being, then you will commit to working out with Swen Corbin. You see, I woke up one day and decided I wanted energy, vitality, exercise and health in my life once again. I didn’t want my back problems, 2 pregnancies and general stress of life to interfere with my pathway to a healthy lifestyle any longer. So by some mysterious act I found Swen’s website, called his number, and left a message. He promptly called me back and we began my usual phone interrogation. And just like a good friend you chat with over the phone, you can tell a lot about someone when you speak with them on the phone. The first thing I was looking for was a connection of understanding, energy, philosophy and trust. I always felt that I could immediately sense this over the phone and he fulfilled all of these. He truly listened and listened to understand where I was at that moment, what my goals were and what had or hadn’t worked in the past. Now that he had passed my phone interview, we were on to the next crucial phase—meeting in person for a workout in his studio. What was important now was, did I feel comfortable, safe, at ease, like his style and trust him. You see, I had worked out with a couple trainers prior to Swen and found their LACK of safety, character, consistency, commitment, support, nutritional counseling, scheduling problems and healthy fitness philosophy was missing. Right off the bat I felt that Swen had a no nonsense, direct, down to earth, sensible approach to weight-loss and well-being. Most importantly, I trained with him and him only…no switching around to 2-4 different people who had to learn about me all over again. Also with my previous trainers, I would re-injure my back and have to stop working out and start all over again after a week or two of rest. So when Swen was having amazing success in training around my back injury and getting me results, I was completely sold on him. My trust in him as a trainer skyrocketed. Not only was my back getting stronger and stronger, but I was losing weight and feeling so great. In addition to all of this, he never disappointed me by missing or canceling appointments. He has always tried to accommodate my crazy schedule as much as possible. I really appreciate his supportive conversations surrounding my nutrition and encouragement to keep going. After starting in the 160’s and now having arrived in the 120’s, I continue to workout with Swen. His professional expert experience, his calming demeanor, supportive environment, and beautiful studio space make every workout fun and meaningful. Take a leap of faith like I did and I believe you will be on a path to health and well-being for a lifetime!"

-Gaye C. *
Minneapolis, MN

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"As a mother of 3, I never thought I could lose that last 20 pounds. Swen helped me get into the great shape I wanted. Great motivation and guidance."

-Navy M. *
Lakeville, MN

"Swen is, by far, the best trainer I've ever worked out with. Not only does he know what he's doing, but he gives you all the encouragement needed to do your best. He's shown me how to get into terrific shape and he's made it fun as well."

-Paul C. *
Richfield, MN

"I am 56 years old and have been working with Swen since last September. I have lost close to 25 pounds but, more importantly, I have never felt better. I am finally in control of my eating. I wanted a one on one workout and didn't want to go to a health club and work out with all of the "cute young things." This has been perfect for me. He's challenged me and kept me focused and has made me believe that I can make my goal."

-Cindy B. *
Eden Prairie, MN

"Swen helped me lose 45 lbs and 10% body-fat. His knowledge and dedication of diet and exercise is phenomenal. I have been working out with him for 3 years now and am amazed at how much more he is able to push me to do than what I can accomplish on my own."

-Marty R. *
Shoreview, MN

"Working out with Swen was a life changing experience. I had worked out in health clubs for over 15 years and I was gradually started to see a decline in my fitness level and also my motivation. Swen was able to show me proper form through a variety of exercises that successfully toned and sculpted my body. His constant encouragement helped me stay motivated, as did the loss in inches. Swen is a world class trainer that I would recommend to anyone that wants to get in top-notch shape and feel great!"

-Lori L. *
Maple Grove, MN

"Swen truly brings life to the term personal trainer. He caters to your personal needs and what you want to get out of your workouts. The genius to his workouts is that he cares about the person and the results! I've seen wonderful results from him. He doesn't believe in fads or quick solutions. His practice is built on solid information about what lifestyles and workouts work for what bodies. He's definitely an asset to my life!"

-Lance F. *
Minneapolis, MN

"I have had several injuries and Swen has been very patient and supportive. His knowledge of physiology has made all the difference! Swen has the right mix of coach, cheerleader, and trainer. I have achieved my goals thanks to him - I am leaner and stronger! Swen knows the importance of nutrition and provides expert counseling.

After working with trainers in 3 states I have met with SUCCESS in The Body Sculptor, Swen Corbin!"

-Mark N. *
Minneapolis, MN