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Minnetonka Personal Training

Minnetonka Personal Training

About Swen Corbin

Minnetonka personal training with Swen Corbin has cchanged the lives of thousands of people. Clients can trust his credentials, as he has a degree in Exercise Science with special emphasis on adult nutrition and fitness. Swen has been in the personal training business for more than 20 years and has been in business for himself for ten years. Finally, he has been voted "Best Twin Cities Personal Training" by Citysearch two years in a row.

What Clients Can Expect With Minnetonka Personal Training With Swen:

  • Workouts are an hour and 30 minutes
  • Workouts consist of strength and cardiovascular training
  • Clients receive a training program based on their goals
  • Sessions include warm-ups, cool-downs, and nutrition counseling
  • Clients can choose from a variety of session packages and payment plans

Advantages of Working with Swen

Swen's Minnetonka personal training is done in his private studio. Many people are intimidated by working out in a gym where people can look at them and judge them. Working privately with Swen guarantees his full attention on you. There are no distractions for Swen or you by other people greeting him or the noise of workout machines or other people talking to each other.

Testimonials From Minnetonka Personal Training Services Clients

Clients of Swen have achieved impressive results and are happy to share their testimonials detailing how much Swen has helped them. One client said Swen was able to work with him even though the client had old injuries. Many clients say that Swen truly cares about them and their well-being. Others have lost 25 to over 100 pounds. More importantly, clients are getting healthier which motivates them to keep going. Clients say that Swen is a great motivator while understanding everyone's individual abilities. With so many clients providing testimonials for Swen, it is clear that he knows what he is doing.