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Minnetonka Personal Training-Difference between outcome and performance goals

Minnetonka Personal Training

Minnetonka Personal training professionals help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Some people have long term goals of achieving a certain percentage of body fat, while others have short term goals of getting to a certain size for an upcoming class reunion or wedding. While these two sets of goals are the framework for getting one’s fitness journey off to success, there are two additional goals one should be aware of: outcome and performance goals.

How Does Minnetonka Personal Training Services Use Performance goals To Help Clients?

One may want to be able to do a certain amount of push-ups in a minute or be able to complete a certain number of reps in a given time. Performance goals are largely controlled by the individual’s commitment to the process. The personal trainer may provide a preliminary benchmark to measure progress along the way but the performance goal partially relies on the person’s drive. Performance goals focus on the process and series of actions taken in order to achieve a certain level of results.

How Does Minnetonka Personal Training Professionals Use Outcome Goals To Help Clients?

A person enters a training program with the goal of losing ten pounds, and another person decides to enter a training program to lose a dress size. These types of goals are both considered outcome goals. Both of these goals focus on the final achievement or end result. Personal trainers monitor the progress of the client to see where they are in terms of reaching that particular outcome goal.

The Minnetonka Personal Training team works with clients to educate them on what all is required in order to produce the desired results. They use short term goals to keep individuals motivated. They use long term goals to serve as guideposts. They use performance goals to measure challenge and intensity for their clients. They use outcome goals to measure against the milestones achieved to gauge the amount of effort and time it will take to help one achieve the right results.