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Minnetonka Personal Training- How am I getting in my personal trainer’s way?

Minnetonka Personal Training

Minnetonka Personal training team members work with all types of clients. Some struggle a little bit more than others to get there. If you have ever wondered whether or not you are getting your own way of physical wellness, here are some things to consider.

Do you miss appointments?

It is impossible to feel like working out all the time, but this is a part of the growth process. There must be some sacrifices in time and energy invested to get to the results you can achieve. If you miss an appointment, reschedule it so that you can achieve your goals quicker.

Do you eat what you want all the time?

Personal trainers often make dietary recommendations for their clients. They do this after performing an assessment. Working out alone won’t give you the results you want; you have to go the extra mile on all fronts.

Do you complain?

Remember that you are paying a personal trainer to nudge you and make you uncomfortable. If you aren’t genuinely challenged, then you won’t progress. Believe that you are getting your money’s worth if you are safely and quickly reaching your goals as your trainer continues to push you.

Are you truly being accountable with your trainer?

Excuses are a behavior that can be changed when working with a trainer because they emphasize accountability. If you are transparent about your behaviors and own up to your shortcomings, then you will be able to see how excuses have prevented you from getting to the next level.

Are you pushing yourself?

Your personal trainer values your safety over everything. Their mission is to get results for you without risking your health. If you sometimes stop prematurely and resist the intensity, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Consider the two of you a team. Allow your trainer to push you beyond your comfort zone.

Start The Journey To Physical Health With Minnetonka Personal Training Services

Minnetonka personal training team members see that clients struggle. Clients may deviate from their path sometimes, but if clients embrace the personal training process, they can get past the many hurdles getting in the way of their success.