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Minnetonka Personal Training-Where do people go wrong in weight lifting?

Minnetonka Personal Training

Minnetonka personal training professionals work with clients who are frustrated with the lack of results they are seeing when it comes to their weight lifting efforts. One of the hardest things for those who do resistance training regularly is to see minimal results. Here are some of the most common areas where people go wrong in weight lifting.

Weight lifting gone wrong

They are working out too often. Many people equate more workouts with better results. While consistency and frequency do play a role, there should be limitations as to how often a person does resistance training. The personal trainer designs a routine that prevents a person from working out too often, which could reduce effectiveness of routine and make one prone to injury.

They are not switching up their routine. Many people do not switch up their routine often enough. This can cause the body to not be challenged enough. When a person fails to switch up their weight lifting routine, the body won’t build any more muscle mass. A personal trainer identifies what changes need to be made to maximize results in weight lifting.

They are advancing too fast. This can lead to torn ligaments, tendonitis and even arthritis. When an injury happens, it becomes hard to resume the normal workout routine and get the person back on track. This can actually impede muscle growth. Increasing weights too fast can also affect form. Minnetonka personal training professionals will help one safely increase the amount they lift and prevent injuries from occurring.

They are training the same body part too often. Some trainers recommend avoiding training a particularly body part more than once a week to allow for full recovery. A person needs a full week to recover when it comes to weight lifting. This is why personal trainers put together plans for their clients.

Start Seeing Results With Minnetonka Personal Training Services

Minnetonka Personal Training team members work with clients who aren’t getting the results they want from their resistance training. They can create the weight lifting training regimen that produces results for clients.